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The idea of Saporita started to take shape when Carine, travelling back and forth from Italy to Belgium, brings a few jars of freshly self-made passata as a gift when visiting family and friends. Since then, she is in the process of developing a small range of Italian Fine Food products with a focus on quality and authenticity.

“A tomato is a fruit, but it is a singular fruit, a savoury fruit, a fruit that has ambitions far beyond the ambitions of others.”




The right moment to harvest our organic tomato is awaited. Depending on the climate conditions that can vary from year to year,  the time for harvesting in summer changes but it usually occurs during the second half of August. The tomato is tasted and its water content is tested. The longer the tomato has been exposed to sunshine, the less its water content and the sweeter its taste. 

To obtain the right consistency for our product, we adjusts the recipe so that we can always deliver the most qualitative and tasteful passata. The production is carried out shortly after the tomatoes have been picked and they are processed in a certified environment to guarantee the authenticity of the recipe. Saporita consciously chooses to produce small quantities in order not to put pressure on the natural cultivation process. 

Box of 6p for 42 €


Designer : Frédérique Ficheroulle

The Mood Cups collection is the result of an ergonomic study that relates the object to the mood or personality a person is in.

Enjoy a coffee or tea in these fine porcelain cups and choose the cup that best suits your mood of the day!
The making process uses new technology and handicraft. The models are printed in 3D then moulded and cast in porcelain leaving a trace of the 3D pattern on the cups.

Although thin the cups are solid; stackable and dishwasher safe.

Available per 2 pieces for 60 €  or 1 series of 6 cups for 185 €
Porcelain varnished inside -  Handmade serigraphy
Height: 72 mm
Diameter: Around 80m


Designer : Frédérique Ficheroulle

We started a collaboration with the designer Fréderique Ficheroulle and asked her to study a design for our fine porcelain tableware.

The first piece has been created on the occasion of a team-building retreat we organised in Italy.

Here our first piece,  a mug, from the series Salvia. A small branch of Sage was used to give a herbal touch to the mug

Available per piece for 42 € - 2 p for 78 €


Porcelain varnished inside - Handmade serigraphy


Height: 17 cm

Diameter: App 80 mm



At the beginning of the 16th century, the Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes brought tomatoes from South America to Europe. People didn’t know what to make of them: the small fruit was yellow and at first thought to be poisonous. Later on by the French it was also considered kind of aphrodisiac and that is why they  called the fruit “pommes d’amour”, apples of love.

The history of the tomato in Italy dates back to 1548, when a basket of the tomato fruits was gifted from the Grand Duke of Tuscany to the De Medici family. Considered an ornament for its beauty and golden colour, the fruit was called “il pomo d’oro”, the golden apple. It was only later that the fruit was recognised to be eatable.


Please contact us for more information about our products and where to find them, or if you are a store manager and

would like to sell them.

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