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“An endearing journey to tranquillity.”



I am moving to Tuscany very soon and I can definitely call it a dream come true! It took me at least five years of visiting houses and exploring different regions in Italy. Unexpectedly, I found my dream place near the Etruscan town of Volterra, situated in the Province of Pisa. The property is set in acres of land, so we decided to create a family agricultural hospitality business and gave it the Etruscan feminine name "Anthaia". Whilst researching for suitable names, I discovered that the Etruscans have a fascinating ancient history, including the fact that it had its very own civilisation which flourished in central Italy between the 8th and 3rd centuries BC.
By far the most fascinating historical fact I learned was how very empowered Etruscan Women were and as such; a consternation to their Greek and Roman male contemporaries!

I hope you'll enjoy following the evolution of our project!

Carine H.

Land really is the best art.”




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Follow the evolution of this captivating enterprise.

We are happy to work with a great team for the renovation of the buildings and the the development of the land.

We'll keep you posed!



A feeling of well-being and a sensation of “coming home” is the atmosphere at Anthaia.

This 18th century old farmhouse is situated only 15 km from the Etruscan city of Volterra, with its 20 hectares of land and calming views.

Anthaia is a place where soon you will be able to sense the love for nature, hospitality and architecture.



Breathtaken by the rolling landscapes, its magical colours and fascinated  by the rich history of the area, you will enjoy capturing the present moment.

It's easy to go hiking, biking or visit beautiful historical cities nearby or if you'd rather relax, you will be able to remain at Anthaia to appreciate the fauna, flora and good food!  


“In the folds of the wrinkled bark of the olive tree you can read a millennia-long history, which is inextricably linked to the land and the sea.“

The olive tree is a very important symbol of the Mediterranean. The history of the olive tree, its fruits and the oil that is produced from them, in fact, has lasted for over 7,000 years and reaches up to the present day, where olive oil continues to play a very important role in our daily lives. 

As seen over the centuries, throughout its evolution, olive oil, apart from it being a very beneficial nutrient, is used in various sectors.



Quality extra virgin olive oil emits the scent of freshly cut grass and must have the characteristic smell of fresh olives.
You can evaluate the density of a good EVO by sliding it over a spoon and observing it against the light.

A high quality extra virgin olive oil has a body and a medium degree of density.

If there have been no alterations, a green colour indicates that the oil comes from unripe olives (the taste and scents are strong). On the other hand, a bright golden yellow colour indicates that the extra virgin oil was obtained from the pressing of perfectly ripe olives.
The taste of a good EVO oil must be slightly bitter and slightly spicy.
The scent, aroma and aftertaste should give a fruity perception which, depending on the ripeness of the olive and the cultivar, can be intense, medium or sweet.

This is our first production of extra virgin olive oil at Anthaia. Our olive oil is the extraction of a combination of 2 different olive varieties: Leccino and Moraiolo. The taste of the Leccino olive oil can be a little more pungent, causing a tingling sensation, in contrast with the Moraiolo that tastes somewhat sweeter. 

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