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The Mood Cups collection (Designer : Frédérique Ficheroulle) 

is the result of an ergonomic study that relates the object to the mood or personality a person is in. 

Enjoy a coffee or tea in these fine porcelain cups and choose the cup that best suits your mood of the day!
The making process uses new technology and handicraft. The models are printed in 3D then moulded and cast in porcelain leaving a trace of the 3D pattern on the cups. 

Although thin the cups are solid; stackable and dishwasher safe.

Choose your favourite mood:

steady - dynamic - audacious - relax - comfy - sensual

MOODCUPS 2 pieces

Couleur: White
  • Material
    Porcelain varnished inside -  Handmade serigraphy
    Height: 72 mm
    Diameter: Around 80m​

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